The Importance Of Justice And The Rule Of Law


Welcome to the Tim Meakin blog. Team Meakin is from Toton in Nottingham who advocates on giving clientle the care and attention they deserve while achieving the best possible results for them. In today’s blog, Tim talks about the essence of justice. Let’s get started!

Why is it important for young people to understand the justice system and the rule of law?

Tim Meakin Nottingham The rule of law is at the heart of all cultures. UK residents benefit from a trialled, tested and reformed justice system. Although there is arguably always room for improvement, and the system may not always appear fair, the rule of law is a fundamental building block and central focus. Not all countries benefit from a working rule of law and it may be something we take for granted. Futures can be shaped by the rule of law.

Why is access to justice important?

In my field, I assist claimants from Toton in Nottingham in pursuing an action for damages against their treating clinician in circumstances whereby there has been a breach of their professional duty of care, causing additional injury and loss.

Often claimants are left with debilitating and life-changing injuries and/or are unable to work or look after themselves properly, requiring extensive care and assistance, Tim Meakin from Toton in Nottingham said.

“Clinical negligence claims are complex and costly; they usually involve in-depth investigations with the assistance of various medical experts,” Meakin added.

We usually act for claimants on a No Win, No Fee basis which allows them access to proper and specialised legal representation in order to investigate their claim and – if it is determined by way of expert medical evidence that there was negligent wrongdoing – to recover sufficient damages to give them the best long-term medical outcome and outlook for their future.

Without such funding and legal representation it would be almost impossible for claimants to fully and properly access justice in order to fight their case and protect not only their long term interests but usually the family around them. It is extremely important that the public has access to justice in legal claims in order to protect their human right to competent medical treatment and recourse to compensation if this does not occur. Otherwise many patients would suffer financially, physically and mentally though no fault of their own and practical lessons to improve future medical care would not be learnt.

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